Zombie Infection Simulation v2.3 - Housewares Edition

Originally created by Kevan Davis, August 2003, updated by Mark Sherry, March 2007

To view the zombie infection simulation, you'll need to install Java.

Simulation Rules

Zombies are green, move very slowly and change direction randomly and frequently unless they can see something moving in front of them, in which case they start walking towards it. After a while they get bored and wander randomly again.

If a zombie finds a survivor standing directly in front of it, it bites and infects them; the survivor immediately joins the ranks of the undead.

Survivors are pink and run five times as fast as zombies, occasionally changing direction at random. If they see a zombie in a 30 degree arc in front of them, they turn around and panic.

Panicked survivors are bright pink and run twice as fast as other survivors. If a survivor sees another panicked survivor, it starts panicking as well. A panicked survivor who has seen nothing to panic about for a while will calm down again. Also, eventually panicked survivors will get tired of seeing panicking survivors and will stop reacting to them as frequently---unless they see another zombie.

Chainsaws are blue and rarely require you to remove a wrist in order to use them efficiently. There are always six chainsaws placed randomly about the board.

Armed survivors are white and are fearless. That's because they're armed with a chainsaw, and it's time to take down this undead menace. They move as fast as a survivor, and if they run into a zombie they can kill it, but they're still just as vulnerable to being bitten.

Corpses are grey and just lie there, reminding of the cost of fighting off the zombie infestation.


  • Press g to toggle green zombies.
  • Press s to alter the simulation speed.
  • Press space to uninfect all but one zombie.
  • Press z or reload the page to reset to a new city.
  • Press + and - to adjust population (this also resets the city).
  • Press p to toggle complete panic (as in v1).
  • Press b to arm everybody with chainsaws.

(You'll need to click on the Java window before it'll accept keypresses.)


The Zombie Infection Simulation was built with Processing (for which full source code is available).